About me

Parker Lennon 

ACSM Certified Personal Trainer

My goal as a personal trainer is to educate you how to get results on your own. After training with me you should be able to go in any gym and write your own workout, know the correct form, know the weight you need to work with, and be able to get results. My goal with all clients is to help them to help themselves, not have them be dependent on my training forever.

I have a strong background in endurance sports, as well as weight lifting, circuit, plyometric, and agility training. I am a former age group swimming/ masters swimming coach, swim lesson, and water aerobic instructor. I have worked with children as young as 4, all the way up to the elderly in arthritis classes. I have helped Bariatric patients with weight loss, and athletes to muscle gain. I love fitness, and the attitude that people take on as they live a healthy lifestyle. I don’t believe there is any one way to ultimate fitness. The paths are limitless, and there is so much out there that can help us reach our fitness goals. My hope as a fitness professional is that I can help clients try new things, so that they can have successes, meet goals, and feel better that they ever dreamed.


Bachelor Science Exercise Science

Ball State University

Career Highlights:

2010 Xterra Midwest Regional Champion

2008 Xterra North Central Regional Champion

Overall Winner 2010 Shamrock Indoor Triathlon

Overall Winner 2007 Muncie Endurathon Sprint

Runner-up 2010 Xterra Scales Lake


Off Road Triathlons

BMX Racing

Road Triathlons

Marathon and 1/2 Marathons


Track & Field

Cross Country