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Parker Lennon

ACSM Certified

Personal Trainer

Christina Lennon

NASM Certified

Personal Trainer

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"Parker was my personal trainer for over 6 months ...he had my strength and endurance up and I was seeing major results within a month. He always pushed me even though I complained (ALOT) and whined...he made me laugh when I was whining and talked me through what I thought was the toughest workout ever!!! He helped me get my body toned (I am 5'6 and 112 lbs) even though I am trim and eat very clean and healthy he was able to get me so that I "looked" healthy and not just skinny. He was dedicated and very encouraging. I will never find anyone to replace Parker, so if you are thinking about a personal trainer who will kick your butt and you will get major results he's your guy and consider yourself very fortunate to have found someone so amazing at what he does!!!"
Pascha K.
"If you want to get results, I recommend working with Parker. His approach to personal training is personalized and created to help you keep in shape. Parker has opened my eyes to all aspects of fitness, from how far I can push myself to what kind of meals I should be making for myself. I now believe that I can be the best version of myself and what I have learned from Parker will help me maintain my health and physique. If you want someone who is going to listen to your needs/wants and push you to your limits, Parker is the perfect personal trainer for you."
Ariel B.
"I've worked out with Parker for about a year now. He has kept me engaged with continuously changing workouts, and has me do things I don't think I'm capable of, like running the trails in the canyons around USD. He and I share a love for swimming, biking and lifting - so that keeps things interesting and easy to adjust depending on my goals and often my mood. I've had good results and have improved my diet, mobility flexibility and strength (finally doing pull-ups unassisted, which I haven't done since grad school 15 years ago). Me = 43y male, married, professional, traveler."
Mike M.


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