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June 17, 2015
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Bulking for Hardgainers

As someone who sat around 150 pounds most of the way through high school and college, I feel like it is of the upmost importance to emphasize carbohydrates in the diet of a hard gainer. Every time I’ve had a successful bulking cycle it was due to my intake of carbohydrates not protein. I think the most common misconception is the protein is the only thing you need to replenish after a workout… When in fact carbohydrates and protein work simultaneously together and carbohydrates spare proteins for muscle growth and rebuilding.

“The fact is every serious bodybuilder and lifter has been sidetracked and horribly misguided on the ‘zero or low carbohydrate’ kick. Not only is this a whole lot of nonsensical marketing schlock anyway, but also going low carbohydrate is absolutely disastrous for athletes who want to build muscle faster, especially natural bodybuilders not stocked up on Mexican steroids.”

Please watch: “Corporate Wellness Tampa and Sarasota ”

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