Get2Fit San Diego Money Back Guarantee

Real Results or your money back

I am fully committed to your success!
My promise is simple: follow through with your fitness program (as it is designed) and I guarantee you’ll lose 20lbs (2 full sizes) after 16 weeks of working with me or I will refund your entire investment.

My commitment to you:

To assess and determine realistic health and fitness goals with you and put them on a timeline for achievement.

To design a complete program to achieve your goals that covers all the components required for results including:

  • Customized nutrition plans developed by a registered dietitians
  • Weekly adjustments to reflect fitness progress and achieved goals
  • Activity logs & workouts to keep you accountable on non session days
  • Resistance training to increase your strength and build lean muscle
  • Cardiovascular exercise to optimize fat burning and heart health
  • Stretching to accelerate your recovery from exercise and prevent injury
  • Coaching, Motivation, Accountability, and Encouragement

To work with you to teach you all the components of your program and help you implement them into your daily habits and lifestyle.

To update your program accordingly so that you may continue to achieve the best possible results from your investment in working with me.

Based on my commitment to you, I require the following from you:

  1. Workout a minimum 3 days per week following my fitness and nutritional program for a minimum of 16 weeks without missing appointments (cancelled training sessions must be made up during the same week or the following week)
  2. Complete the prescribed cardiovascular program exceeding thirty (30) minutes per day at least three times per week, tracking it in your personal online activity log provided by my program.
  3. Follow your custom designed nutrition plan and fill out your Food and Exercise Accountability Journal in its entirety each day.
  4. Not be on any medication that could interfere with metabolism including, but not limited to medication for: thyroid, blood pressure, heart, anti depressants, and beta blockers.

If, after the sixteen (16) week period, you can honestly say you followed all four of my requirements and do not look or feel better than you did when you started your first session, I will refund your entire training package investment. 
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