Jen Month 1

Month 1 Workouts

The workouts in this phase of the program are designed to increase your strength. This will help us build a foundation for the months to follow. These 3 foundational workouts will be repeated for 4 weeks with the goal being to increase weight each week by 5-20 pounds. TRACK YOUR PROGRESS. If you’re having trouble with a starting weight, begin with a weight that is manageable and increase the weight throughout the set. Once you’ve done the exercise a few time you will find the right weight for the reps. 

There are 3 foundational workouts, which means you have 4 other days to do additional workouts. My website has tons of options or you can choose to focus on lagging body parts. (Glutes, arms, abs, etc.). Cardio is another option, but keep it under 30 minutes. 

Also, to track progress take a selfie at the start and basic measurements if you like. I discourage using the scale as I think that the fit of clothes and your appearance are a better indicator of progress. 

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