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January 12, 2018

Simple but easy breakfast for paleo, Whole Foods, high protein, low carb or ovo-lacto diets.

Here is an easy breakfast anyone can prepare. Cage free Eggs and off the bone ham are used as the
January 10, 2018

CarTalk Episode 6: Why I don’t take Pre-Workouts

In this episode Parker breaks down why he doesn’t take pre-workouts, the common ingredients, the evidence of those ingredients, where
January 10, 2018

CarTalk Episode 5: Gym etiquette for newbies

In this episode Parker talks about three things you should avoid doing as a newbie in the gym. 1) looking at
January 5, 2018

What Kombucha can do for you!

Kombucha sometime gets a bad wrap between its flavor and it’s lack of scientific research. If you are looking for